ClassicZip Line Tour

Take to the skies with the Royal Gorge regions most popular outdoor adventure!

Colorado Zip Line Tours near the Royal Gorge! We have 9 zip lines, spanning over a mile of exhilarating adventure with over a half mile of beautiful, informative & scenic hikes. The Classic Zip Line Tour quickly became the top local attraction in just a few months. The #1 tour in our region! Royal Gorge Zipline Tours - TripAdvisor Reviews. Add our Extreme Zip Line course and you can zip a total of 20 zip lines!

  • 9 zip lines totaling over a mile of actual zipping
  • Longest line at 1002' which is a dual side by side racing zip line! (Reach speeds of 45mph depending on prevailing wind).
  • Colorado’s #1 rated zip line course!
  • Moderate hiking through 2/3 of a mile. (mobility required).
  • Highest line runs 50’ over spectacularly scenic terrain.
  • $89.00 per person for the zip line adventure of a life time!
  • Participants will need to weigh between 50 to 250 lbs for the Classic Course.


At ground school your guides will teach you all there is to know about "zipping" and about the unique world class zip line course you are about to embark upon. Your guides will prepare you so that you are confident in your skills and ready to raise your landing gear as you become cleared for take off!

Line 1 "Stagecoach"

From Flight School we take a short hike to the "Stagecoach" zip line. This line is the perfect length at 100+ feet to ease you into the feeling of zipping. The Stagecoach zip line takes you across a small ravine and over one of Colorado's historic stage coach roads. This is just the beginning of an amazing adventure that lies ahead!

If you have "zipped" before you will notice how quiet and smooth our lines are. This is achieved with the custom jacketed cables we use all throughout the zip line course.

Line 2 "Midway"

After a short walk from the Stagecoach zip line we will ascend to the Midway tower and then zip 350 feet across a small forested ravine to a smooth landing of a specifically designed platform. This Midway zip line will carry you into an area of elevation near to 6470 feet.

Line 3 "Colorado Connection"

Now we approach the "Colorado Connection" zip line as we hike about 675 feet of gentle trail from the Midway zip line platform to the Colorado Connection zip line. This zip is named the Colorado Connection because it brings us into another area where we will have incredible, classic Colorado views of the nearby Sangre De Christo Mountain range.

From here, your guides will get you securely fastened to zip, you will then launch from a unique red granite runway where the ground drops away from under foot as you soar 600 feet across a wide open meadow to a gradual ground landing. You will be in awe at this point with the remarkable adventure underway. (this line at 600 feet in distance is as long as any zip line in our region and it is just the 3rd line of your tour!)

Line 4 "Sangre Vista"

Just a few feet away from the Colorado Connection touchdown we reach the platform of the Sangre Vista zip line. This line is named after the incredible southern valley views of the majestic 14 thousand foot Sangre de Christo mountain range. "Sangre de Christo" translates to: Blood of Christ, This mountain range was named by the Spanish Conquistadors during a dramatic evenings deep red sunset.

Anyways, enough about the guys with the funny hats... From here we launch from the Sangre Vista platform and cruise along an 800 foot cable at speeds up to 40+ mph back across the valley. The views will impress, just as they did the Conquistadors back in the year of 1540.

Line 5 "The Peak"

Our tour is nothing short of amazing at this point. We will depart the Sangre Vista line and head onto an interpretive scenic stroll along one of Colorado's historic stage coach roads. The views along this hike become uninhibited and make for a great opportunity to get the quintessential Colorado photos you might have been looking for. Our next destination is "The Peak"

Arriving at "the Peak" we will walk to the top of a 30 foot tower where we will get an even more commanding & dramatic 360 degree view of our surrounding area.

At this point you are a fully experienced zip liner! Once you are securely fastened to the Peak zip line you will zip along a 500 foot zip line cable that will take you from the peak tower across the valley below to another artfully crafted landing zone nestled into the pinon and juniper trees.

Line 6 "Buena Vista"

Now we will hike along a secluded trail 150 feet to the Buena Vista zip line. Buena Vista translates to Good View! There is no shortage of amazing views, excitement, beauty and adventure on the tour. The Buena Vista zip line launches from another custom runway and zips along 700 feet to the perch of The Salida Sur zip line. You will again be able to reach speeds of 40+ mph!

Line 7 "Salida Sur"

"Salida Sur" This unique location has you landing and taking off from the same point. Once your group all reaches the "Salida Sur" perch we will then zip due north along an amazing 850 foot zip line cable crossing over 2 ravines that will bring us onto a gently sloped ground landing. Awesome!

Line 8 "Canon Grove"

From the landing location of "Salida Sur" your guides will lead you into a secluded, forested canyon grove strewn with weathered alluvial boulders and unique topography. After approximately 600 feet of trail we will reach the equally secluded zip line we call "Canon Grove". This zip line shoots further down the same forested gully taking you right through the minutia of the land and eases you onto another smooth ground landing.

Line 9 "Speedway"

The Speedway zip line is the Grand Finale! This dual racing zip line is the Grand Prix of Colorado zip lines, minus the loud race cars and pit crews. 2 guides will await the winner at the bottom of this DUAL racing zip line where you can race your friends down a distance of 1000 feet of line and reach top speeds of 40+ mph! Nothing short of awesome!